Monday, 27 June 2011

Mid- Cheshire Fashion Show!! :)

My Outfits at Fashion Week.

This is outfit 2 and 1 at the fashion show. This is the maxi skirt i re-patterned. I measured Jodie's waist wrong though and had to put a piece of elastic in the skirt. Luckily you couldn't see this underneath the jacket. you can also see where I have put the mirror pieces on my jumpsuit.

Outfit 4 at the show.
This is Rebecca wearing my snood and dress. I was happy with the finished result.

Fittings Week - Outfit 4

This is outfit 4 at fittings week. The dress needs altering at the back. I can make the darts into more like panels. Unfortunately the waistcoat doesn't do up at the front so I have to figure out what fastening to use.

Fittings Week - Outfit 3

This is outfit 3 on fittings week. The dress fitted Rebecca  perfectly so all I have to do is put the invisible zip in the centre back.

Fittings Week - Outfit 1

This was outfit 1 at fittings week. My shorts fitted Jodie well but the bra top was too big. I have to take the bra top in at the seams which means undoing the lining. I also still need to make the maxi skirt to go with this outfit. I measured Jodie's waist so I could get the waist-band right.

Final Garment- Outfit 4- Waistcoat

FRONT. This is the waistcoat made up. I think it fits the body nicely although it doesn't do up. I plan to put a frog fastening on the waistcoat with a chain. In my opinion the waistcoat fits my theme better than the t-shirt.

BACK. This image is of the back of the waist-coat. I'm going to put an applique speech bubble and beads on the back. I can't do this until fittings week. I have to make sure I don't have to take it in.


Re Pattern Outfit 4

After toiling my T-Shirt I decided that it didn't look right over the lace dress. It didn't flatter the female figure so I decided to re-pattern and make a perplum waist-coat instead. 

I didn't want the dart in the shoulder seam so I moved it into the arm hole.

This is to make the wait-coat shape around the waist.

From this image you can see I have made the waistcoat shorter. The crossed out part of the pattern will become the perplum bit.

These are the patterns for the panels that make up the perplum part of the jacket.