Friday, 21 January 2011

Oui! Je T'aime!

This is Wildfox's spring/summer 2011 lookbook and has to be one of my favourite lookbooks of all time. The Marie Antoinette styling is true to the era but the the clothes have a modern twist.

Flett Bertram :)

This is one of Flett Bertram's designs from graduate fashion week 2010. She is a student at the London College of Fashion.

I think the detail in her garments are amazing. I am making a jacket as part of my final collection that has upholstrey trims as part of the design. Bertram has inspired me to be more creative and I plan to post the progress of my jacket onto my blog. xx

Friday, 7 January 2011

The Cherry On Top

I wanted to create an image like Laura Laine's by having an image in the background. I dragged an image of a cupcake into the illustration to incorporate a Marie Antoinette theme into my image. Originally i had started shading in my illustration to make an exact copy of Laura Laine's image, but then i started to mess around with image adjustments and found a sketch tool that i think had made my image clean and different. I decided that my illustration shouldn't be the same as Laura Laine's. I like that it has it's own style.
This is original image i drew inspired by Laura Laine's illustrations. I changed her illustration by adding a Marie Antoinette inspired dress and headband in the big hair. In my opinion it's quite messy so i wanted to clean it up on photoshop.

Photoshop: Marie Antoinette Inspired...

This is the finished product. :) I used images like cupcakes and cards to incorporate a Marie Antoinette theme into the illustration. I also used muted, girly colours to link to Marie Antoinette. I found images off the internet and manipulated them erasing some of the image and changing the opacity to produce the effect on my drawing.

I started out with a line drawing that was taken from a Linn Olofsdotter's  illustration. I then scanned in the image and cleaned it up on Photoshop.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Naturals Not The Word,

This image is inspired by the Lina Ekstrand image i posted earlier. :) I drew my  own interpretation of Marie Antoinette and worked into the image on Photoshop.

This is the original image cleaned up on Photoshop.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

"I Want Candy"

Elisa Palomino Fall 2010

The clothes were wonderfully 1920s in feeling — fabulous souffl├ęs of tulle, crepe, lace, suede, and feathers.

Palomino, who graduated from Central Saint Martins in London, has had lots of jobs in fashionland, including running John Galliano’s studio in Paris for eight years — a seminal, life-changing experience, she says. Two years ago she came to the States to work for Diane Von Furstenberg as VP for design, and she still freelances for the company.

Palomino was always a spectacularly over-the-top dresser, even when she was growing up in a tiny village of Spain where she was ridiculed for being, in the words of the old saying, “all dressed up with no place to go.” She describes her fall line as “romantic but edgy” and grounded, silhouette-wise, in that halcyon period from the turn of the last century to around 1930. And she is still a proud and resolute advocate of funny clothes, telling me that she doesn’t see any reason why we can’t all go to work dressed “like a nymph or a little fairy.”

Although the concept of Elisa Palomino's collection was more to do with ethereal creatures and 1920's flappers i like to think there was a bit of Marie Antoinette styling in there somewhere as well. She used beautiful rich colours and fabrics throughout the collection with fantastic trims which reminded me of a modern day Marie Antoinette. The beauty and hair was very Marie Antoinette as well. The hair was huge and back-combed, topped with layers of fabric flowers and feathers. And the makeup was painted on and very girly.

FMP - Marie Antoinette

Typical choice as it may well be I've chosen Marie Antoinette to base my final collection on. I watched Sofia Coppola's adaption who used one of my favourite actresses, Kirsten Dunst, to star as the troubled Queen. I loved her modern take on the story and the colours and costumes were beautiful. I liked how the film setting was so decadent and the clothes were all candy-coloured, but behind this dream-like state the monarchy was in ruin. Not to mention huge debt.

I think there has been many people who have used Marie Antoinette as inspiration but i want to make it my own. This might be hard but i like a challenge. :)