Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Linn Olofsdotter

Linn Olofsdotter combines drawing and scanned in fabric with photoshop to create her stylised images. In my opinion her illustrations are really different and unique. I want to try and incorporate her style  of body illustration into my own work. I would also like to experiment with scanning fabric onto the computer and modifying it on photoshop as it works really well. 

Lina Ekstrand

Lina Ekstrand is one of my favourite illustrators at the moment. She uses her amazing illustration skills to create fantastic images which she modifies and sharpens on photoshop. I want to incorporate her experimental quality into my own work. 

Laura Laine

Laura Laine combines her drawing skills with photoshop to create dark and enchanting illustrations. The second image has been layered onto the Chanel perfume add and modified to create a really interesting image. I think the mood portrays quite a haunting quality. It reminds me of Tim Burton films and in my opinion they could work really well in animation. I want to try and incorporate her style of work by her spindly, quirky illustrations and layering them onto another image. 

Panda Pops :)

Lehel Kovacs

I really like Kovacs endearing fashion images. She uses her illustration and photoshop to create her images modifying the colours and layering the images up. They have a cartoon quality to them which i would like to incorporate into my work.   

Antwerp Central Station Edit

Picture This

This was my final outcome. I added colour and exaggerated the hair. I think it worked quite well. :)

I started to experiment with different effects on photoshop and i thought this one worked best.  It has some of Miko Rantenens eeriness to it which was what i was trying to do. To improve this i could change the colour to a sepia and layer other images on top. 

This is my original photograph that i took of my friend Frankie :) I liked the setting and placement of the image but i think it ca be improved with Photoshop.
This is an example of Mikko Rantenen work. She has created this eery image by taking a photograph and then editing the colours on photoshop. I want to incorporate this old-fashioned quality into my own work...but with a modern twist.

Antwerp Sketch

This was a sketch I drew on a recent trip to Antwerp in Belgium. I visited the MOMU where there was an amazing exhibition on graduates work. This skirt was one of my favourite pieces as it was structured and was beautifully draped at the hem. Using photoshop i cleaned up the image and changed the colours into black and white. I then defined some of the lines using the paint tool in black.

For this image i traced the outline of the original sketch and then deleted the original layer. Im not sure that this was successful. It looks like i've edited the image on paint. It wasn't experimental enough but it was a good starting point. :)
I started to experiment a little bit more with this image. In my previous brief i had been looking at the 1960's which i found really inspirational as all the prints were so bold. Whilst doing my research i came across a book that had a double page on Yves Saint Laurent's psychedelic dresses. I scanned a picture in and layered it onto my sketch changing the opacity and tidying up the edges with an eraser.

I liked the idea of layering prints onto my sketch so I scanned in another Yves Saint Laurent dress and cropped it down to a specific section and enlarged it. I then filled in my sketch with white paint so the pattern was just on the garment and the hair. I think this turned out quite well. If I had more time I'd like to experiment more with the blur tool and softer colours. I'd develop my sketch as well so she wasn't just standing still. 

Monday, 13 December 2010

The Official Ralph Lauren 4D Experience - London

4D technology
On 10th of November 2010 Ralph Lauren blew everyone away as he used advanced video mapping technology projected onto the fa├žade of the designer’s flagships in New York and London to create an enormous “four dimensional”(4D) display celebrating the 10th anniversary of RalphLauren.com. The technology combined art, music and fashion with larger-than-life sized images including four-story tall models and polo players, and iconic Ralph Lauren fashion accessories such as the Ricky Bag, ties and belts that wrapped the length of the new women’s flagship on Madison Avenue, gave the illusion that images were extending beyond the building and floating out into space toward the audience. This ground-breaking technology has been pioneered by the fashion industry showing how fast-moving and exciting the industry is. Without computers 4D wouldn’t be possible and we’d all be missing out on something extroadinary.

In my opinion Computers are incredibly important to the fashion industry. Without them we wouldn’t be able to create beautiful catwalk shows, glossy magazines or Ralph Laurens 4D masterpiece. Although there is controversy with computer software’s such as Photoshop, as some people believe it to be unnatural, it opens up an expanse of opportunities and creativity. The world of fashion and the world of computers have one thing very much in common. They both change. I can’t wait to see what will happen next. 

Photoshop Edit :)

A quote from fashionidustrynetwork.com stated that 9 out of 10 fashion design job postings list must be proficient in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Photoshop and Illustrator are the most commonly used software for art and design. It can be used for editing pictures (correcting colours, adding text to image, reducing size, enlarging images, changing format and so on...), creating web pages, creating logos and other design things, working with 3D content, creating animations and even working with movie clips. This is important in the fashion industry as companies such as magazines and advertising agencies frequently use the techniques such as editing pictures.

Moving on from my original drawing I experimented with a blur tool  and a liquefy tool. I think this worked really well and it's definitely my favourite Photoshop work I've done so far.

Photoshop Clean-Up

This was a drawing of a Kenzo garment i did from my previous brief. I scanned it in and resized the image on Photoshop then cleaned up the image and the lines. For this drawing i used a mixed media of pen, colouring pencils and chalk pastels.