Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Picture This

This was my final outcome. I added colour and exaggerated the hair. I think it worked quite well. :)

I started to experiment with different effects on photoshop and i thought this one worked best.  It has some of Miko Rantenens eeriness to it which was what i was trying to do. To improve this i could change the colour to a sepia and layer other images on top. 

This is my original photograph that i took of my friend Frankie :) I liked the setting and placement of the image but i think it ca be improved with Photoshop.
This is an example of Mikko Rantenen work. She has created this eery image by taking a photograph and then editing the colours on photoshop. I want to incorporate this old-fashioned quality into my own work...but with a modern twist.

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