Monday, 11 October 2010

FAD Fashion

Crocs are supposed to be a FAD but people are, for some reason, still buying them :/

I think Fur Coats are a fashion FAD. I think its always going to be around in A/W but not to the extreme that designers have produced this season!

I think unless you look like a model its very tricky to pull off a camel coat therefore i believe its a FAD and in a couple of years will be out of fashion again.

High- Street!!

Topshops LookBook AW10

Dorothy Perkins AW10 Collection

Dorothy Perkins AW10 Collection
Dorothy Perkins AW10

Marks & Spencer AW10 Womens Collection

Marks & Spencer AW10 Womens Collection

Marks and Spencer AW10   (very impressed!)

Saturday, 2 October 2010




Christian Dior Couture A/W 2003
pure genius!
This sculpture reminds me of dragonflys wings in flight. I could quite easily display this piece of art in
my bedroom. I cant imagine how much its worth though :S

He used materials such as glass, plastic, and metal and created a sense of spatial movement in his work.
I think his work is beautiful and the way he uses 3D to his advantage is stunning. You can walk around his sculptors and see something different at every angle.

Naum Gabo

Naum Gabo was associated with the Constructivists at the time of the Russian Revolution of 1917. They saw an artistic renewal as part of the revolution and embraced new scientific theories and industrial materials. He studied Medicine, Natural Science and Engineering at Munich University. At that time he had the opportunity to hear Heinrich Wolfflin's lectures on art history which, it is said, prompted the discovery that he had interest in both science and art.His works can be roughly divided into three different categories: surface, line and moving sculptures.