Monday, 27 June 2011

Mid- Cheshire Fashion Show!! :)

My Outfits at Fashion Week.

This is outfit 2 and 1 at the fashion show. This is the maxi skirt i re-patterned. I measured Jodie's waist wrong though and had to put a piece of elastic in the skirt. Luckily you couldn't see this underneath the jacket. you can also see where I have put the mirror pieces on my jumpsuit.

Outfit 4 at the show.
This is Rebecca wearing my snood and dress. I was happy with the finished result.

Fittings Week - Outfit 4

This is outfit 4 at fittings week. The dress needs altering at the back. I can make the darts into more like panels. Unfortunately the waistcoat doesn't do up at the front so I have to figure out what fastening to use.

Fittings Week - Outfit 3

This is outfit 3 on fittings week. The dress fitted Rebecca  perfectly so all I have to do is put the invisible zip in the centre back.

Fittings Week - Outfit 1

This was outfit 1 at fittings week. My shorts fitted Jodie well but the bra top was too big. I have to take the bra top in at the seams which means undoing the lining. I also still need to make the maxi skirt to go with this outfit. I measured Jodie's waist so I could get the waist-band right.

Final Garment- Outfit 4- Waistcoat

FRONT. This is the waistcoat made up. I think it fits the body nicely although it doesn't do up. I plan to put a frog fastening on the waistcoat with a chain. In my opinion the waistcoat fits my theme better than the t-shirt.

BACK. This image is of the back of the waist-coat. I'm going to put an applique speech bubble and beads on the back. I can't do this until fittings week. I have to make sure I don't have to take it in.


Re Pattern Outfit 4

After toiling my T-Shirt I decided that it didn't look right over the lace dress. It didn't flatter the female figure so I decided to re-pattern and make a perplum waist-coat instead. 

I didn't want the dart in the shoulder seam so I moved it into the arm hole.

This is to make the wait-coat shape around the waist.

From this image you can see I have made the waistcoat shorter. The crossed out part of the pattern will become the perplum bit.

These are the patterns for the panels that make up the perplum part of the jacket.

Final Garment- Lace Dress - Outfit 4

FRONT. This image shows the main body of the lace dress made up. Although it looks a little bit big on the mannequin I am going to leave any alterations until fittings week as you can't guarantee your model will be a size 12.

This is the dress with the 3/4 length sleeve attached. 

As you can see from this image the lace dress is very see through. I plan to either sew on a cream lining or to make a slip dress underneath. I don't want to lose the detail of the lace though.

Final Garment- Stripy Dress - Outfit 3

This is the final bodice of my dress. I have kept the striped pattern running vertical because I think that's the most flattering on a female body.

FRONT. This is the toile with the skirt attached. I was thinking about cutting the pattern on the panels in different directions but this might affect the way the skirt hangs and the stretch in the material. So i kept the stripes running vertically. I am happy with the result.

BACK. I have left the centre back open where I will put in an invisible zip.

Unfortunately I don't have an image of the tut I bought. I put this underneath the skirt at the waistline to make the skirt look more full. I think this has worked well. If I had more time I would of liked to have made the tutu myself but due to the fashion show being so close I didn't have the time.

Final Garment - Jumpsuit

FRONT. This is an image of the bodice part of my jumpsuit. I have yet to put the mirror pieces on the straps. As you can see from this picture the problem with the straps has been fixed.

This is an image of the back of the back of the jumpsuit.

I chose this toile fabric because i believe it fits with my Marie Antoinette theme. I think this pattern will stand out on the catwalk.

FRONT. This is the finished toile. I am happy with the outcome but I won't be able to make any alterations to the hem until I have fitted my model.
BACK. I also can't add the mirror pieces until I have fitted the model because of any alteration made.

Final Garment - Shorts - Outfit 1

Unfortunatley I dont have any images of the in between stages. But these are my cami shorts to go with my maxi skirt, jacket and bra top. I chose a silky asian print to tie in with my Marie Antoinette theme as they had these types of fabrics imported over to France. They were the very height of luxury. I also wanted my outfit to have an eclectic feel to it. I wanted to keep it modern.

This is a close up of the waistband. The fabric was quite hard to work with as it slipped around when using the sewing machines. I put interfacing on the waistband to try to make it stiffer. I then pressed it so it lay flat.

This is a close up of the top stitching on the hem on my shorts. If I'd of had more time I would of liked to of done a neater finish. Overall I'm happy with the way my shorts have turned out. I also added a orange invisible zip down the side seam of my shorts.

Final Garment - Bra Top

FRONT. This is a photo of my bra top made up. I bought gold sequinned fabric and turned it inside out so you got a silvery gold detail without it being tacky. I wanted to match this with the patterned jacket for an eclectic and modern look.

This is the back of the bra top. The fabric kept curling over on itself so I left it a little bit bigger around the seams so that it would be caught in the lining.

I decided the top definitly needed a lining as it was quite sheer and the sequins against the skin would be quite uncomfortable. I used a cream cotton lining that was soft and still looked good under the fabric.

This is the bra top finished and underneath the jacket. In my opinion this has worked well and will look great with the shorts and sheer skirt.

Final Garment- Jacket Continued...

Work in progress. I started by pinning all of my circles in place. From this picture you can see how I layered them up.

This is the back of the jacket. I hand sewed these all in place just around the top of each circle so there is still some movement.

This is the front side of the jacket. The purple edges of the garment will be caught in the lining. 

As you can see I have used bigger circles to emphasise the shoulders and graduated into smaller circles.

This is a close up of the drop beads used on the bigger circles. Originally I was going to have these all over the jacket but they fell apart very easily and it was extremely time consuming.

Final Garment- Jacket - Outfit 1

I used a jewel purple colour for the body of the jacket. This was a close colour to the purple on the patterned fabric I am using for my jacket.

I have pressed the seams in the jacket so they lie flat. I plan to put a cream lining in the jacket for a professional finish. I can't put the lining on until I have sewn all my swags of fabric on though.

This is a close up of the gathering at the sleeve head. Because the fabric is quite stiff it held it's shape really well.

This is how the shape of the sleeve has turned out. I am pleased with the effect.

I then sewed the cuffs on the sleeves. I used the contrasting purple soft cord material. In muy opinion this has worked well.

To make sure the sleeves don't fray on the inside I have overlocked the seams. This fabric does have a tendency to fray a lot!

This is an image of the jacket with the sleeves sewn on. I was a bit worried as the sleeves were weighing the jacket down because the sleeves are heavier than the bodice. I hope that once I have sewn all the circles on it will even the weight out. I am happy with the jacket so far. I think has a bit of a period drama feel to it but still staying modern almost like a bomber jacket.