Monday, 27 June 2011

Dress Continued... The Snood!!

The snood was very simple to make. I chose a fabric that was light, sheer and draped well. For my final garment I don't want a pattern. I doubled up my piece of fabric and sewed down the side to create seams. I then joined the piece of fabric together so that it was in the shape of a circle.

This is an image of the inside seam. I decided to use french seams because it's a much neater finish when the fabric is sheer.

This is an image of the outside of the snood where it is joined together.

Before I made my snood I practiced draping the fabric over my head and also this polysterene mannequin head. This image is of the snood after it was finished on the mannequin head. In my opinion it drapes well.

This is a photo of the snood on my dress. This is the effect I wanted. For the catwalk show I want my model to where the snood pulled up because I plan to sew embellishments on it to really make the snood stand out.

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