Monday, 27 June 2011

Dress Continued...

This is the front view of the skirt made up in calico. Because the pattern was curved it has created a panneled, pleated effect.
This is the back view of the skirt. The skirt doesn't need a waistband because it is being attached to the bodice.

This is the skirt attached at the waistline. The skirt comes down to around the knee point. (I will add images of how i made the bodice.)

This is the inside of the skirt where I have joined two panels together. As you can see I have snipped into the seam so it curves easily. I have then pressed the seam out so it lies flat. I have then topstitched to make sure it is secure.

This is an image of the topstitching from the outside. I have tried to keep the stitching neat. The topstitching has worked well as the skirt panels hold their shape a little better.

This is the skirt after i have pressed it and starched it. I was trying to create a stronger shape but the starch doesn't hold very well because of the weight of the fabric. If I am going to carry this idea forward I need something stronger.

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