Monday, 27 June 2011

Lace Dress...Continued.

This is my lace dress made up into my toile material. I chose this material because it was the closest weight of the fabric I want to use. As you can see from this image the dress isn't fitting the mannequin very well at all. I was also having problems as the material was sticking to the mannequin so I couldn't seen how it would naturally fall against skin.

I forgot to decide where to put the fastening on my lace dress. In the end I decided I wanted it at the back. The slit in the back will be where I either put a zip or poppers. A zip might be too heavy.
On this picture you can see I have altered the neckline. I actually prefer the neckline higher, so on my final garment I will leave the neckline.

To alter the dress I added more fabric into the darts and I took a good inch off the side seams.

This is the dress after the alterations I made. It fits the mannequin alot better now. When I make my final garment I will make sure I stick to my pattern. I think that I made my seams too small. I also shouldnt of altered the neckline on the mannequin as it affected the shoulder seams.

I also want to take 15cm off the hem of the dress to make it a little bit shorter.
This is an image of the hemline taken up 15cm. I won't be able to alter the length until I know how tall my model is.

I have attatched the 3/4 length sleeves on this photo. I am happy with the length and fit of the garment. On my final garment I will need to french seam as this is neater for lace. I may also have to put a lining on my final garment.

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