Monday, 27 June 2011

Final Garment- Jacket - Outfit 1

I used a jewel purple colour for the body of the jacket. This was a close colour to the purple on the patterned fabric I am using for my jacket.

I have pressed the seams in the jacket so they lie flat. I plan to put a cream lining in the jacket for a professional finish. I can't put the lining on until I have sewn all my swags of fabric on though.

This is a close up of the gathering at the sleeve head. Because the fabric is quite stiff it held it's shape really well.

This is how the shape of the sleeve has turned out. I am pleased with the effect.

I then sewed the cuffs on the sleeves. I used the contrasting purple soft cord material. In muy opinion this has worked well.

To make sure the sleeves don't fray on the inside I have overlocked the seams. This fabric does have a tendency to fray a lot!

This is an image of the jacket with the sleeves sewn on. I was a bit worried as the sleeves were weighing the jacket down because the sleeves are heavier than the bodice. I hope that once I have sewn all the circles on it will even the weight out. I am happy with the jacket so far. I think has a bit of a period drama feel to it but still staying modern almost like a bomber jacket.

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