Monday, 27 June 2011

Re- Patterend Maxi Skirt - Outfit 1

Although you can't see this image very well I have closed the darts on my maxi skirt patterns because it is going to be sheer and I dont want you to be able to see the darts.

I am 5ft 7 and I dont know what height my model is going to be. I added 15cm which was a little bit long on my height. I can't alter the skirt until I know how tall my model is. But I thought I would make it longer to be on the safe side.

Because I want to add gathering to my skirt I have curved the waist line up 1.5cm. I have also added width to my skirt to compensate the gathering.

This is the back pattern of my skirt where I have done the same as the image above.

This is a close up of where I have added 15cm to the side seam to compensate the gathering.

These two images are of my final patterns front and back. I will cut my patterns on the fold to eliminate centre front and centre back seams. This will have a neater effect as it's a sheer skirt.
 Although I don't have an image I also patterned a waistband.

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