Monday, 27 June 2011

Final Garment - Bra Top

FRONT. This is a photo of my bra top made up. I bought gold sequinned fabric and turned it inside out so you got a silvery gold detail without it being tacky. I wanted to match this with the patterned jacket for an eclectic and modern look.

This is the back of the bra top. The fabric kept curling over on itself so I left it a little bit bigger around the seams so that it would be caught in the lining.

I decided the top definitly needed a lining as it was quite sheer and the sequins against the skin would be quite uncomfortable. I used a cream cotton lining that was soft and still looked good under the fabric.

This is the bra top finished and underneath the jacket. In my opinion this has worked well and will look great with the shorts and sheer skirt.

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